The Company

Headquartered in Redwood City, California, FastComments is committed on providing high quality, performant discussion software.

Reliable and fast software takes a lot of love to create. We hope you see that in FastComments.

We are committed to making our on-boarding process as seamless as possible. When you sign up for FastComments, your account is assigned to a developer and most communication will go through them. Don't be afraid to ask technical questions or help with customizations.

If you have any questions at all, or have an RFP, feel free to reach out to us.

Can I migrate my data from my existing solution?
All plans support automated self-service migration from a selection of major providers. We perform custom migrations.
Can we customize the UI of the comment widget?
Yes, the comment widget is designed to be customized.
What if my users already have accounts? They have to have an account to comment now too?
FastComments supports SSO, which means that your users can have one login for your site/application, and commenting.
Does FastComments require anything special on my site to run?
No, our commenting widget has no dependencies.
What are your customer service SLAs?
We generally respond within an hour during business hours, and 24 hours at most. There is a ticketing system within the admin area.
Can I cancel myself?
You can cancel without any intervention from customer support, although we'll reach out to hear what we could have done better!
What happens when the trial ends?
The comment widget will still function for a short time, and then hide itself. You and your users will still have full access to the admin area. You will receive reminders, which you can easily opt out of, when the trial ends.
What if I exceed the limits of my account?
All package details, except for number of comments per month, are hard limits. If you exceed the number of comments per month, we'll reach out to you to negotiate your package.
I run an open source project with low traffic, is there a free tier?
There is currently no official free tier, however for example adding comments to OSS documentation pages we make exceptions. Simply create a support ticket after signing up.
Can I add my developers, moderators, and other admins?
Yes, FastComments supports adding other users to your account and controlling their permissions.
Do I need to add a cookie banner to my site?
You are not required to add a cookie banner on your site if you use FastComments. We only add functional cookies for logging in, and do not add any tracking cookies or cookies that would personally identify your user, to your site.
Is there a limit on the number of comment boxes I can have?
FastComments does not bill on the number of comment boxes, or threads, that you may have. There is no limit today, either. We instead bill on traffic and comment volume.
WhoWe're primarily developers and salespeople.
HQRedwood City, CA, United States of America